I’m holidaying in the same house I spent my holidays as a teen in. Except now the house is a home to my dad and my brother and his family. Which includes a teenage girl.

Beautiful thing. Coltish legs. Cascades of hair. Come to bed eyes and a wide smile. Largely unlike me at that age, but the giggling is the same. And the denim hot pants.

And as I’m a sentimental sap by nature, being on a beach holiday is bringing back waves of memories to me. Some involving more alcohol than a teenage girl should’ve consumed. Memories of steamy kisses with a strapping Karoo lad in an old Land Rover; of pining for a certain local dairy farmer’s son; of hair tossing and bandying about surfer slang to seem less like the Vaalie in the big beach house; of first boyfriends and sneaking out to do things I probably shouldn’t have done. And at the centre of all of these memories, that certainty you held at the time that you are IT.

With capitals.

What can your parents tell you? *eyeroll* Why should you listen to your older sister? *eyeroll* Yes *eyeroll* *eyeroll* I know what I’m doing mom. But the mom is part whine, with long vowels. Mooooooom.

And I look at my niece. She seems so young and vulnerable. 15 years old. And despite the bravado and swagger and yes, eyerolls, I see straight into the heart of her and any teenager. And my almost 34 year old self wants to laugh. Because how was I different then to what she is now? Yet I can still taste the freedom of making my own choices then. So totally cocksure.

Growing up. And hindsight.

Those eternal enigmas.


One thought on “Sandcastles

  1. Toortsie Maart 27, 2015 / 9:46 vm

    🙂 So ‘n tannie is natuurlik ‘n wonderlike ding! Een wie sy met haar geheime kan vertrou, anders as ‘n ma vir wie sy dalk versigtig is om alles te vertel. 🙂

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